Christiana L. Pollack, GISP, CFM GIS Specialist; Environmental Scientist

GIS Specialist; Scientist

Christiana L. Pollack, GISP, CFM

In addition to Christiana’s extensive knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and methodology, she has experience with database software for managing, warehousing, and statistically reducing environmental data. She is proficient in a full array of software and spatial data formats, remote sensing technologies, image processing, and topographic data processing means. Her degrees in ecology and environmental analysis, with focuses in ecological principles, toxicology, and quantitative analysis offers her a unique perspective on how best to utilize the powerful capabilities of GIS within an environmental context.

Christiana participates extensively in Princeton Hydro's watershed, lake and flood inundation studies where she assists in the completion of hydrology and hydraulic modeling, watershed delineations and characterizations, bathymetric mapping and the execution of GIS-based pollutant load and hydrologic budget analyses and modeling. She also regularly participates in the development of stormwater best management practices, stream and wetland restoration, and site design concept plans.

In her time off, you can find Christiana exploring in her kayak, swimming, or making pottery.

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