Sophie Breitbart Staff Scientist I, New England Regional Office

Staff Scientist I, New England Regional Office

Sophie Breitbart

Sophie is an environmental scientist with formal education in the collection, management, analysis, and display of geospatial datasets. Starting at Princeton Hydro as an intern, she was hired on full-time in the Aquatics Department to provide assistance with GIS analysis and environmental fieldwork including water quality sampling, watershed modeling, and spatial analysis.

During her undergraduate career, Sophie focused on biology, bioinformatics, and environmental science. As a senior project she built a GIS-based model that predicted genetic heterozygosity in Eastern Blacknose dace based on local climatic conditions. She was also involved in four years of extensive environmental field and laboratory experience with university research groups studying phylogenetics and microbial ecology.

Outside the office you can find Sophie poring through cookbooks, exploring new places, at a concert, or mesmerized by the natural world.

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