Alum Systems


As part of our lake and pond restoration work, Princeton Hydro offers comprehensive consulting and implementation services in the design, installation and operational support of alum injection systems. We are also highly experienced in the design and implementation of nutrient inactivation projects involving the surface application of alum, PAC, PhosLock and other similar phosphorus binding and water column stripping products.  We have provided such services for public drinking water purveyors, municipal and county parks, private and public golf courses, and recreational lakes.              

We are especially proud of our continuous dosing alum injection systems. These systems can be customized to meet our customers’ specific water quality needs. They are a highly effective and efficient means to decrease phosphorus loading to lakes and ponds, especially at the times of year when productivity is highest and even minimal influxes of phosphorus can stimulate undesirable algae blooms. We have repeatedly documented the benefits of such systems in the control of harmful algae blooms (HABs).

Contact us to discuss the design and installation of such a system in your lake or pond. 

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