Water Quality Monitoring


The collection and statistical analysis and synthesis of large sets of environmental data, are fundamental to the proper assessment of environmental and ecological perturbations.

Our staff has designed and implemented sampling programs, the data from which are used to evaluate the chemical, biological, hydrologic and physical attributes of aquatic ecosystems.  We are especially skilled in the collection and analysis of phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos, macrophytes, and fish communities. Princeton Hydro maintains a fully equipped in-house biological laboratory and we conduct phytoplankton, zooplankton and macroinvertebrate identifications and enumerations in accordance with federal and state protocols. Our lab is also NJDEP-certified for the in-situ measurement of key ecological parameters, as well as the use of automated in-field sampling devices. We have written numerous NJDEP, PADEP, NYSDEC and USEPA quality assurance protocols (QAPPs).

We also own and operate a full array of field equipment including multiple boats, four-wheel drive vehicles, in-situ water quality probes and meters, sediment/benthic sampling devices flow meters, automated samplers, sediment probes and coring equipment, plankton nets, fish seines, electrofishing equipment, and a dual-beam, continuous recording fathometer.

Learn more about Princeton Hydro’s water quality monitoring services by contacting us. Read about our Master Plan and Water Quality Managment project at Deal Lake.

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