Invasive Species Management


Invasive species management has become a crucial element of land management as native plant and animal populations are imperiled due to exotic species encroachment.

Princeton Hydro has over ten years of experience providing comprehensive natural resource management services; we understand natural systems and the implications of incomplete invasive species management. Because invasive species management demands ongoing attention to ensure long-term success, we provide planning that encompasses the real-time requirements of land management.

We create accessible, easy to follow “how to” documents, complete with species identification sheets, treatment instructions, and implementation calendar, should our client chose to implement the plan themselves. We also provide removal services in all habitats. Our fully amphibious vehicles are capable of traveling over any terrain, even deep water crossings, to serve wetland and tidal coastal environments.

The keystone of our service program is our on-going support in the administration of our client’s Adaptive Management Plan.

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