Princeton Hydro's extensive experience in watershed management projects has made us one of the foremost consulting firms in this field. Our projects have included watershed restoration projects and watershed management initiatives conducted through U.S. EPA and state funding programs. Many of these projects also include the review of existing state and federal laws and regulations, and an assessment of their consistency in relation to long-term watershed management goals.

Princeton Hydro’s success in watershed management stems from the cumulative training and experience of our staff, and our ability to develop watershed management solutions that are both practical and effective. As a result, our projects have a high rate of success, both in terms of receiving Phase II funding and in improving water quality. We also regularly implement a variety of structural and non-structural stormwater management techniques, providing our staff with extensive knowledge of state and federal permitting requirements and procedures.

Princeton Hydro also has extensive experience in meeting the special needs related to watersheds associated with public settings. Site constraints, extensive site utilization and the need to satisfy a high aesthetic requirement pose unique problems when addressing watershed and stormwater management issues in highly visible settings. Projects include lake and watershed management recommendations, environmental evaluations, environmental education, stormwater management and environmental landscaping.

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