Jacob Pigman Aquatic Specialist

Aquatic Specialist

Jacob Pigman

Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Jacob spent most of his time playing sports or running around on the beach. After finishing high school, he entered right into the culinary world working as a cook/sous chef. He resided in this industry for about 7 years before slowly transitioning out of the kitchen and into the field. Jacob started as a part-time staffer and is now a full-time member of Princeton Hydro's Aquatics Field Services Practice Area. His daily responsibilities include a variety of field tasks including the treatment of lakes and ponds for hazardous algal blooms, the treatment/removal of invasive plant species, and the installation of fountain and/or aeration systems for sustainable water management. Working on the field operations team has given Jacob an opportunity to learn about the environmental science field, and he hopes to continue to grow his experience into a successful and bright future with the firm.

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