Jerry Vogel Aquatic Specialist

Aquatic Specalist

Jerry Vogel

Jerry is an Aquatics Specialist working with the Field Operations Practice Area.  He has experience in the stormwater, wastewater, and subsurface mapping. 

Prior to coming to Princeton Hydro, Jerry worked remotely as an Intern with the Economic Geology Division at the Pennsylvania Department of Energy using geophysical logs from abandoned oil and gas wells to map subsurface stratigraphy in the Western Regions of Pennsylvania. In addition, several years working and becoming educated in the wastewater industry gained a valuable amount of knowledge in the collection, transport, and treatment of wastewater and stormwater. 

Jerry graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors in Earth and Environmental Science from Lehigh University. As an undergraduate, in addition to extensive geology and ecology related coursework, including extensive work involving the remote sensing of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, he completed a six-week geological field camp based in the Northern Rockies, Bighorn Basin, Tetons, Yellowstone, Montana and Idaho gaining a deep understanding of the natural world from basin to mountaintop.

Jerry has a passion for fishing, hiking and being outdoors with his wife and dog. He prides himself on being an environmental steward working to conserve, preserve, and restore nature so it can be enjoyed by future generations. 


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