Robert Costello, EIT Water Resource Engineer

Water Resource Engineer

Robert Costello, EIT

Robert is a passionately curious water resources engineer who is determined to use his knowledge and experience to provide the best possible outcomes for the client in every one of his projects. Robert received his degree from the University of Delaware, with a major in Environmental Engineering and a Minor in Civil Engineering. At school, he was involved heavily in the research conducted at the universities Water Science and Policy department. After schooling was finished, he used his degree to work on various engineering projects including subsurface geotechnical investigations, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of water conveyance systems, stormwater BMP design, as well as complete design, modeling, and supervision of Green Infrastructure Systems.

Outside of work, Robert is an avid kayaker, hiker who enjoys the outdoors, eagles football, and skiing in the Adirondacks during the winter.

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