Christopher L. Mikolajczyk, CLM Senior Project Scientist

Senior Aquatic Scientist

Christopher L. Mikolajczyk, CLM

Christopher designs many of Princeton Hydro’s field sampling programs and in-situ analysis of water, sediment, and biota in projects involving watershed and lake management, non-point source watershed management, dredging feasibility studies, and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reduction efforts.

Christopher conducts Phase I preliminary assessment/site investigations, designs and implements Phase II and Phase III soil and groundwater remediation programs, and performs Baseline Ecological Evaluations and Ecological Risk Assessments. He has also designed surface water and ground water monitoring programs to determine if golf course construction and operation has an impact on the local natural resources and worked with the NJDEP Pesticide task force regarding the past use of chemicals on agricultural lands.

His personal interests include outdoor photography, hiking, skiing and diving with his family, and outsmarting the squirrels with regards to bird feeders.

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