Tyler Overton Senior Field Operations Manager

Senior Field Operations Manager

Tyler Overton

Tyler oversees many of our invasive species control projects as well as provides assistance on a wide array of our aquatic and wetland restoration projects. He is a licensed pesticide applicator in four states and has extensive knowledge of invasive plant identification and their physiological properties, and the chemical properties of the pesticides required to efficiently and responsibly conduct these applications. Tyler also has expertise in the implementation of a wide array of non-chemical plant control methods and is highly skilled in the operation of Princeton Hydro’s amphibious weed harvesting unit and amphibious wetland vehicle in support of these services.

Tyler is highly experienced with installing and maintaining both surface and subsurface aeration equipment and is a certified technician for Otterbine Barebo aerators as well as an experienced installation technician for Vertex Aeration Systems. In addition, Tyler performs a number of field monitoring, sampling, and identification services for our firm.

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