Paul Woodworth, CERP Senior Project Manager, River Restoration; Fluvial Geomorphologist

Senior Project Manager, River Restoration; Fluvial Geomorphologist

Paul Woodworth, CERP

Removing obsolete dams and restoring rivers are the focus of Paul’s work and he has supported over 50 river restoration projects involving the removal of over 35 dams and barriers along the east coast. As fluvial geomorphologist, he assesses streams to determine channel evolution processes and predict geomorphic responses to restoration actions. He routinely collects and interprets geomorphic data to guide designs or to monitor long-term project success. His projects restore fluvial processes and re-create dynamically-stable channels and diverse riparian corridors. Paul has developed unique stream assessment protocols by synthesizing varied approaches incorporating geomorphology with aquatic ecology and riparian floristic quality. He has successfully permitted multiple restoration projects that defied the conventional regulatory framework. To date, Paul has personally guided the removal of over 10 dams in the field and used his expertise to help contractors adapt to dynamic river conditions.

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