Jean-Paul Bell, GISP Senior Scientist

Senior Scientist

Jean-Paul Bell, GISP

Jean-Paul oversees the firm’s GIS staff and runs and maintains the firm's information technology and network infrastructures. Along with his cartographic abilities, Jean-Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a focus in hydrology, helping him better support a host disciplines utilizing GIS. He has extensive knowledge and experience with relational databases, including design, implementation, and customization to fit the end users’ needs. His GIS and database expertise plays a large role in the firm’s lake and watershed management and restoration projects.

For the past seven years, Jean-Paul has conducted bathymetric surveys for Princeton Hydro, providing services from field survey through data analysis and the production of final products. He has also has extensive experience producing Natural Resource Inventories with maps “published” with ESRI’s Publisher extension for ArcGIS.

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