Jack Szczepanski, PhD Senior Project Manager; Senior Aquatic Ecologist

Senior Project Manager; Senior Aquatic Ecologist

Jack Szczepanski, PhD

Jack has a range of experience from establishing baseline assessment for fish populations to managing coastal wetland resilience projects to developing ecosystem-wide monitoring plans. He is skilled in science outreach, as he has an extensive background in teaching a wide range of science topics to diverse array of students at all levels. He believes the future of science is in clear communication of critical topics for the general public to understand. Jack earned his PhD from URI by studying fish feeding ecology and trophic dynamics across marine ecosystems. He also has academic background in biomechanics, wetland and estuarine ecology, and natural resource applications of conservation biology.

His schooling and research have led Jack to have a deep affinity for horseshoe crabs, cephalopods, and stingrays. When not contributing his talents to his job, Jack enjoys archery, surfing, exploring with his family, and trying to put bacon on things….everything.

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