Casey Clapsaddle Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist

Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist

Casey Clapsaddle

Casey recently joined the Princeton Hydro team full-time as a Hydrologist/Fluvial Geomorphologist after several years of consulting for Princeton Hydro through his company Rivers Unlimited.  He has over twenty years of experience in hydrology, hydraulic studies, geomorphology, river restoration design, river stabilization design, habitat improvement and watershed management/restoration.  This experience includes the development, management and completion of comprehensive technical studies for a full range of private and public-sector clients.

Mr. Clapsaddle specializes in the development of environmentally sound management and restoration plans for rivers and watersheds.  These restoration plans often include best management practices for farms, ranches and riparian corridors.  These studies often involve the coordination of many disciplines by including biological sciences, hydraulic engineering, land use planning, economic development, landscape architecture and environmental planning. 

Prior to working at Princeton Hydro, Mr. Clapsaddle was the principal of Rivers Unlimited for 15 years.  During this time, he worked on a wide range of projects that required a wide variety of tasks which included geomorphic assessments, hydraulic modeling, topographic surveys, sediment transport analysis, flow monitoring, project design development, project permitting, grant writing, construction cost estimates, construction supervision, construction cost monitoring and long-term project monitoring.  He has also taught classes on river restoration construction techniques and basic river restoration principles for government agencies and not for profit organizations involved in river restoration efforts.  Throughout Mr. Clapsaddle’s Career, he has continually developed bank stabilization, habitat improvement, and river restoration design techniques and construction approaches using natural materials that provide projects with a more natural looking aesthetic.  He strives to make all completed projects enjoyable places for relaxation, recreation and connection with the natural environment.

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