Kelsey Mattison Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Kelsey Mattison

Kelsey is a recent graduate of St. Lawrence University with a degree in English and environmental studies and a passion for environmental communication. Through her extracurricular work with various nonprofit organizations, she has developed expertise in social media management, content writing, storytelling, and interdisciplinary thinking.

Kelsey believes that effective communication needs to be multi-faceted, which is reflected in the diversity of her experience. She served as Photography Editor of St. Lawrence University’s newspaper, The Hill News, worked in digital media for the environmental outreach program of St. Lawrence University, Nature Up North, produced stories for Northern New York’s public radio station, North Country Public Radio, and developed feature content for St. Lawrence County’s Chamber of Commerce.

As a member of the Princeton Hydro team, she aims to further its mission by taking creative approaches to communicating about our shared home: Planet Earth. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys dancing of all sorts, going on long walks with her camera, and spending time with friends and family in nature.

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