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Understanding Advanced Stormwater Management Techniques; Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education 

Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management One-Day Course; Montclair State University

Lake Management; Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education

Watershed Management; Delaware Valley University Environmental Certificate Program



"How's the Fishing? Maximizing the Potential of your Lake's Fishery," a presentation by Dr. Stephen Souza given to NJCOLA

Free Book Download: From Sea to Source 2.0, a book that aims to protect and restore fish migration

"Tracking & Managing Harmful Algae Blooms," a presentation by Dr. Stephen Souza

"Addressing Blue-Green Algae & Cyanotoxins in the Passaic River Basin," a presentation by Director of Aquatic Programs Dr. Fred Lubnow

 "Utilizing PhosLock in Lake and Pond Management," a presentation by Princeton Hydro given at NALMS 2016

"Improving Barnegat Bay Through Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management," a brochure by Princeton Hydro

"Invasive Species in Watershed Management," a presentation by Director of Aquatic Programs Dr. Fred Lubnow

"Stormwater Management for Lake Communities," a presentation by Dr. Stephen Souza



In the News

Europe is Demolishing its Dams to Restore Ecosystems
An initiative has begun in Europe to take the first continent-wide census of all dams. And although dam removal is generally welcomed by most scientists, some call for more research into potential ill effects. Princeton Hydro's Laura Wildman, P.E., is one of the dam removal experts interviewed for the story.


NYSFOLA Awards Dr. Stephen Souza with Highest Honor at 2018 Annual Conference
NYSFOLA awarded Dr. Souza, Founder, Princeton Hydro with its ‘Lake Tear of the Clouds’ Award, which is only given to a person who has shown the highest dedication to New York’s lakes and watersheds, assisted NYSFOLA in its mission, and produced exceptional performance in his or her field of endeavor.

Princeton Hydro's Cory Speroff Achieves Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Status
Princeton Hydro is proud to announce that Cory Speroff, Landscape Designer, earned the CBLP designation, which demonstrates an advanced level of professionalism and knowledge of sustainable landscaping practices for a healthier Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

“Dam Good Effort: Breaking Through the Money Question for Dam Removals”
Huron River Report, Huron River Watershed Council Publication
The science and practice of dam removal and river restoration falls into two camps. The conventional approach seeks to thoroughly design the new stream based on natural channel design metrics. Princeton Hydro's New England Office Director, Laura Wildman, P.E., has practiced a “less is more” approach on scores of dam removal projects, which offers the dual promise of improved sustainability and lower cost.

Dam Good Effort: Breaking Through the Money Question for Dam Removals
Laura Wildman, P.E., practices a “less is more” approach on scores of dam removal projects.

New Hope's Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve Doles Out Awards
Princeton Hydro and GreenVest, LLC were honored with the “2018 Land Ethics Award of Merit” for restoration work at the Mullica River Wetland Mitigation Site. 

Barnegat Bay Green Infrastructure Project Named "Project of the Year"
"Princeton Hydro is thrilled to announce that American Littoral Society’s Barnegat Bay Green Infrastructure Project has been named “Project of the Year” by The American Society of Civil Engineers Central Jersey Branch."

Hunter’s Pond Dam Removal is Complete
"The dam, once deemed a “significant hazard” by the state of Massachusetts, has been removed from Scituate’s Bound Brook opening up approximately five miles of riverine corridor and nearly 200 total acres of anadromous fish rearing and spawning habitat."

Princeton Hydro President Gives Keynote Address
"Geoff Goll, P.E. gave the keynote address to kick-off the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Master of Engineering Management 2017 Residency for 1st and 2nd year students." 

Harveys Lake begins hydrilla eradication Program
"A hydrilla eradication program has begun on Harveys Lake in PA. The Project is a collaboration between Harveys Lake Environmental Advisory Council, SePRO Corporation, and Princeton Hydro."

After a 250-year absence, American shad return to the Musconetcong River
"The return of the American shad to the Musconetcong marks a major milestone in the ecological recovery of the river. It is the result of the removal of dams on the lower Musconetcong several years ago, followed by the removal of the Hughesville Dam in Warren County last year."

Clean Water, Beautiful Bay
"A must-watch video produced by the American Littoral Society all about reducing stormwater pollution & improving the water quality of Barnegat Bay. The video highlights a variety of green infrastructure projects that Princeton Hydro designed. Congrats & big thanks to the Littoral Society team for the tremendous work they’ve done to Save the Bay!"

NJ Audubon Undertakes Study of Climate Change Impacts on Wetlands
"Through a $470G federal grant, the NJ Audubon is implementing an intiative to study the vulnerability of coastal impoundments to climate change induced environmental impacts. The project is a cooperative effort of a diverse team of partners, including researchers from NJ Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, Conservation Management Insitute, US Fish & Wildlife Service and Princeton Hydro."

Restoring the Paulinskill
"NJ Nature Conservancy, NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife and Princeton Hydro are working together to restore the Paulinskill Meadow, a 1,000+ acre peat bog known for its Hyper Humus, a high-quality peat that grows there. The goal of the project is to restore the land and river back to its natural condition before peat digging/farming began."

Land & Water Magazine highlights Barnegat Bay Stormwater Management Successes
"The article, co-written by Dr. Steve Souza of Princeton Hydro and Helen Henderson of American Littoral Society, details how an under performing conventional detention basin was converted into a bio-retention system that corrects flooding problems & improves stormwater management."

 Floating Wetland Islands filter pollutants at Frances Slocum
"Floating Wetland Islands, designed and installed by Princeton Hydro, are helping to reduce algae blooms and improve water quality at Frances Slocum State Park.

State grant will help battle invasive plant in Harveys Lake
"Harveys Lake awarded $110,000 from a Clean Water Fund grant to help eradicate the invasive aquatic species hydrilla. Dr. Fred Lubnow, Director of Aquatic Programs at Princeton Hydro, explained to the Harveys Lake Borough Council that the grant will be used to combat the lake's highest densities of hydrilla."

 Old Meriden Dam Torn Down to Make Way for Fish
"Princeton Hydro is on-site at the Quinnipiac River for the Carpenters Dam removal. The removal of this dam opens up 16 miles of river, allowing fish to swim upstream, supporting the expansion of freshwater mussels and other aquatic life, giving outdoor recreationalists more flexibility, and providing countless other benefits."

Spring Creek Work to Start this Month; Queens Chronicle
"The work is being done by Princeton Hydro, a New Jersey-based engineering firm that has worked on environmental projects across the country." 


Blue-Green Algae Blooms Plague Area Lakes:, The Journal News
"There are three main causes of blue-green algae blooms – phosphorus pollution, high temperatures and a lack of natural water flow – said Fred Lubnow, director of aquatic programs at New Jersey-based Princeton Hydro, a consultant to Putnam County on water quality issues." 

Friends of Lake Afton move forward with algaecide project in preparation for Harvest Day, plan fundraisers for later this fall in Yardley: Bucks Local News
"There’s more involved than just applying the algaecide, according to Churm. 'We are also conducting water quality sampling and monitoring to understand the water chemistry of the lake. That is an ongoing operation. Once we have conducted our final sampling later this week, we’re going to provide the Friends of Lake Afton recommendations on the future management of the lake.'” 

Non-profit hires hydrology firm to recommend ways to address spreading algae problem at Yardley's picturesque Lake Afton: Bucks Local News
“'Once we'veve collected all the data and reviewed it, we will provide the Friends of Lake Afton with recommendations for the future management of the lake,' explained Scott Churm... 'Our goal is to try to improve the overall water quality for aesthetic reasons, recreation reasons and most importantly, for water quality.'” 

Large-Scale Watershed Protection Devices Come To [Toms RIver High School] North
"Newly-dug devices to help protect the Barnegat Bay watershed have come to the home of the Mariners. Toms River High School North, through the American Littoral Society and Princeton Hydro, will have tree boxes, manufactured treatment devices and other elements to help stem the tide of pollution in Long Swamp Creek in the watershed."

Floating Wetland Islands; Greenlife Pennsylvania
"Wetlands are a great, natural way to filter out contaminants from streams and rivers. But what about preserving the quality of lakes and ponds? Residents of Harvey's Lake in Luzerne County, and the lake community called The Hideout in Wayne County have found an answer. They're getting help from a company called Princeton Hydro." 

Sandy at 2 [years later] - Improvements Slow but Steady
"'We may not have another Sandy in a while, but we're going to have repeated flooding,' said John A. Miller, a flooding expert with the New Jersey Association for Floodplain Management, a public-private group. 'We have very vulnerable areas.'" 

Lake Hopatcong installs Floating Wetland Islands to help curb algae growth; Daily Record
"Through a non-point source pollution grant awarded by NJ Department of Environmental Protection to the Lake Hopatcong Commission, Jefferson Township was able to install a system known as Floating Wetland Islands to deliver better water quality to Ashley Cove and Lake Hopatcong." 

Less Phosphorus Reported in Lake Hopatcong; Lake Hopatcong News 
"The phosphorus load in Lake Hopatcong has been reduced by 33 per cent over the past nine years, said Fred Lubnow, director of aquatics programs at Princeton Hydro, at the monthly Lake Hopatcong Commission meeting Monday night." 

Flooding Risk Rises Statewide
"The engineering firm Princeton Hydro was hired to open up a piped-in water system, re-exposing 1,200 feet of natural stream known as Petty’s Run. Geoffrey Goll, a founder of Princeton Hydro, said that only minutes after the waterway was reopened, 'kids came down and started picking frogs out of the stream.'” 

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Shadow Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management, a video presentation by Dr. Stephen Souza Princeton Hydro President

Stronger Than the Storm? Superstorm Sandy's Two-Tear Anniversary: Lessons Learned and What the Future Holds

Princeton Hydro's Amphibious Vehicle Truxor DM 5000 Removing Aquatic Weeds at Liberty Pond, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ

Princeton Hydro's Amphibious Vehicle Truxor DM 5000 Launching at Liberty Pond, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ

Understanding NJDEP's Emergency Flood Rule, a webinar lead by John A. Miller, PE, CFM, CSM



Hydraulic evolution and total suspended solids capture of an infiltration trench

Watershed-Scale Evaluation of a System of Storm Water Detention Basins

Using Floating Wetland Islands to Reduce Nutrient Concentrations in Lake Ecosystems
In lake-front communities, the implementation of beneficial wetland systems can be limited by a lack of space. Floating Wetland Islands offer an innovative solution to space limitations and provide many of the same benefits as traditional wetlands. They are mobile, temporary wetlands that can be strategically placed to maximize their nutrient-reducing and habitat-building capabilities.


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