Testing and Oversight

Jersey Shore Premium Outlets

Jersey Shore Outlets Erosion ControlThe Jersey Shore Premium Outlets contains over 120 outlet stores constructed on a 30 acre site. This 60 million dollar project is located in a headwater region of a sensitive watershed and tidal basin. Due to sensitive environmental features including a first-order stream and associated wetlands, the development was highly contested and kept under a close eye by local regulatory and environmental groups. Princeton Hydro was contracted to develop and provide construction oversight for the site’s erosion and sediment control plan. The site required extensive erosion and sediment control measures installed in series to provide comprehensive and redundant downstream protection. Princeton Hydro collected numerous soil samples for analysis in our in-house AASHTO Certified Materials Reference Laboratory.

Princeton Hydro conducted pre-construction water quality sampling and periodic water quality sampling throughout the construction process to monitor all discharges from the site. We also conducted pre– and post-construction photo and video documentation of the site’s environmental resources to verify that there were no detrimental impacts to the sensitive environmental features.

Princeton Hydro was also contracted to assess the site’s stormwater infiltration basin. Exploratory test pit excavations were completed in the basins to determine subsurface characteristics and collect representative soil samples for testing. We then ran laboratory bench scale hydraulic conductivity tests to determine the most cost effective soil amendment procedure for remediation of the infiltration basin. We also provided oversight of soil amendment procedures and conducted in-field hydraulic conductivity tests to field verify the amendment procedure.