Stormwater Basin Renovation

Residential Property

Princeton Hydro was approached by a private homeowner whose property included a large (>1 acre) stormwater management detention basin which managed stormwater runoff generated from both the client’s property and numerous adjacent properties. The original design and grading of the basin was not aesthetically appealing; the basin was a typical dry detention basin that lacked significant stormwater volume control, water quality, or ecological benefit. Furthermore, the basin was located in an Exceptional Value watershed as defined by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Princeton Hydro worked in an interactive fashion with the client to realize the full aesthetic and ecological uplift potential of the property. Concept renderings and preliminary cost estimates were prepared prior to the final engineering plans and bid specifications. The proposed modifications included substantial regrading to blend the basin into the natural topography and hillside. The outlet control structure was replaced with a smaller structure and a vegetated berm was designed to visually shield the outlet control structure from key vantage points on the property. The plans included a complete revegetation of the entire basin with a plant palette consisting of native herbaceous and woody vegetation.

Due to the substantial redesign of the basin, and considering that the detention basin was an integral part of a larger development’s stormwater management plan, the municipality required a complete revision of the original stormwater management report. Following plan approval, Princeton Hydro handled all aspects of the project permitting, solicited potential contractors, and provided construction oversight through project completion.

The completed basin dramatically improved the aesthetic appeal of the client’s property. Furthermore, the redesigned basin offers greatly improved performance from a stormwater volume control, water quality, and ecological function perspective, all while improving the peak flow control capability of the original basin.