Invasive Species Management

Through collaboration between our ecologists, certified pesticide applicators, landscape designers, and Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists, Princeton Hydro offers comprehensive consulting and implementation services for the management of invasive plants in aquatic settings, wetlands, and uplands.

Whether part of site restoration and mitigation related to permitting or ecosystem stewardship, the effective, long-term control of aggressive exotic plants demands multi-faceted and disciplined approaches. To develop a management plan, we consider the specific conditions and goals of each project. Princeton Hydro is well-experienced and licensed to apply herbicides in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and elsewhere. To minimize the amount of herbicide applied at a given site, we time the applications to coincide with particularly sensitive life stages of the target plants, we physically damage the plants through rolling or mowing, carefully coordinate treatments to the sequence of re-planting, and conduct follow-up maintenance visits.

For management of structurally-complex ecosystems or large-scale sites, Princeton Hydro conducts preliminary resource mapping using Global Position Satellite (GPS) equipment in order to develop GIS-based maps. We use our resource maps to select and prioritize areas for the invasive plant control measures that best suit individual areas and our Client’s objectives as we strive to restore ecological balance.

We create accessible, easy to follow “how to” documents, complete with species identification sheets, treatment instructions, and implementation calendar, should our client chose to implement the plan themselves. We also provide removal services in all habitats. Our fully amphibious vehicles are capable of traveling over any terrain, even deep water crossings, to serve wetland and tidal coastal environments.

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