Borough of Franklin Lakes

Environmental Resource Inventory

Borough of Franlkin Lakes ERI

Working closely with the Borough of Franklin Lakes Environmental Commission, Princeton Hydro prepared an integrated Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI). The ERI is a comprehensive compilation of text, Geographical Information System (GIS) data and mapping that fully describe the Borough’s environmental resources. The ERI provides critical data to assist in updating the Borough’s Master Plan, proposed planning and conservation initiatives, the assessment of potential development related impacts, and the creation of related ordinances.

This ERI also incorporates information and strategies for the Borough to become certified through the Sustainable JerseyTM program, a certification process sponsored by the New Jersey State League of Municipalities and a coalition of state agencies, planners, environmental experts, and organizations. The ERI references state data and trends in climate, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and the state energy policies and includes recommendations for energy audits, increased recycling, green building, habitat preservation, water conservation and other sustainable practices.



The ERI includes the following elements:

Section I — An executive summary of the environmental resource findings referenced in the report that includes an outline of recommendations the Borough can consider to better manage these environmental resources. These recommendations include regulatory and non-regulatory strategies to preserve, enhance, maintain and restore the Borough’s environmental and cultural resources, and become more sustainable.

Section II — A Resource Planning and Protection Overview describes state, county and local planning initiatives and regulations, such as the Highlands Regional Master Plan, State Plan, environmental regulations, current zoning, and resource protection ordinances and regulations.

Section III — A technical portion of the ERI consisting of GIS maps, data, narratives, illustrations and diagrams locating and describing the Borough’s natural and cultural resources.

Section IV — A detailed bibliography of data sources.