Seawall and Structure Reconstruction

Renaissance Development

Following Hurricane Sandy, Princeton Hydro was contracted for a number of infrastructure reconstruction projects, including the reconstruction of a rock seawall protecting residential structures along the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm surge and direct impact of ocean-born storm waves severely damaged the development’s rock seawall and the appurtenant structures of the homes immediatley behind the wall. Following the storm, rock was found throughout the homes’ interiors, illustrating the force of the hurricane.

Princeton Hydro provided inspection of the damage, specifications to reconstruct the rock seawall, and guidance and geotechnical expertise to restore the buildings’s structural elements, including patios, pools, and retaining walls.

For over a year, Princeton Hydro provided guidance and recommendations to the homeowners association, the site civil/structural engineers, and the insurance companies covering the losses.

Recommendations and design specifications included the means and methods for reconstructing the rock seawall, the use of structural foam injection to support undermined structures, and assessments of foundation elements that may have been compromised as a result of the storm surge.