Seaboard Stabilization for Constructed Wetland

Seaboard Stabilization

Princeton Hydro was contracted by the developer Beazer East, Inc., through their environmental remediation consultant, Key Environmental, to assist with wetland mitigation through the brownfield re-development of the Koppers Seaboard Site and associated site remediation. The project site is along the Hackensack River and is subject to not only natural erosional processes but also accelerated erosion from floating debris and wave action due to heavy boat traffic prevalent through this urban reach of the river.

The main goals of the stabilization project were twofold: provide shoreline stabilization to mitigate wave action and river velocities and reduce impact of floating debris, and provide containment of fill serving as substrate for the constructed wetland.

Given the multifaceted goals and constraints of the project, Princeton Hydro designed the required shoreline and fill stabilization utilizing A-Jacks® hard armoring, and obtained all required permits through the US Army Corps of Engineers and NJ Department of Environmental Protection. The unique pre-cast design of the A-Jacks® system provided fast, hand-placed installation, and a cost-effective velocity reduction solution for shoreline stabilization and containment.

Construction was completed in September 2009 and Princeton Hydro continues to monitor the wetland mitigation project, and document its continued success. Each subsequent growing season and monitoring event sees continued aggradation on the landward side of the A-Jacks®, and increased density of low marsh plantings, Spartina alterniflora.