Lake and Pond Management and Restoration Services

The hideout

Hideout Community Lake ManagementThe Hideout is a large community in the Poconos, PA with six water bodies varying in size from 1.7 to almost 200 acres in size.  Princeton Hydro was hired to develop a comprehensive five-year management plan which includes a wide variety of management measures to improve the water quality and aesthetic appeal of the water bodies within the community. 

The services provided include aeration, the judicial use of aquatic pesticides, fishery surveys and stocking, dredging feasibility, floating wetland islands, the removal of biomass through mechanical means, the design of and implementation of a wetland enhancement project, and additional watershed-based stormwater measures.

A cornerstone of the environmental / engineering services Princeton Hydro provides the Hideout in the short- and long-term management of their lakes are the variety of approaches that have been used to successfully manage nuisance SAV growth.  This is particularly the case for the waterbodies Roamingwood Lake, Deerfield Lake and Brooks Lake.

With the development of site-specific data on the composition, distribution and abundance of the SAV in all three lakes, a set of management measures have been implemented to successful control nuisance growth.  For example, in Deerfield Lake sterile grass carp have been stocked in the lake to control submerged plant growth, while the judicial use of aquatic pesticides and the operation of an amphibious harvester machine (called a Truxor), have been used to address mat algae and floating leaved species such as water lilies and watershield.  In addition, a selective dredging project is currently in the design and engineering phase for the removal of a sediment bar that

Many of the in-lake, SAV control, management measures listed above have been used in some of the other waterbodies such as Roamingwood Lake and Brooks Lake.  For example, sterile grass carp will be stocked in Roamingwood Lake to control nuisance SAV, while the careful use of aquatic pesticides and the Truxor will be used in 2012 to control nuisance growth in Brooks Lake.  A set of Floating Wetland Islands were also installed in Deerfield Lake and Brooks Lake to divert some of the available nutrients into attractive plants on the surface of the Islands and away from nuisance SAV, floating plants, benthic algae and phytoplankton.  Princeton Hydro will continue to provide the Hideout with management guidance and recommendations in the control of nuisance SAV and reducing incoming pollutant loads in 2012.