Pond Restoration and Management

Greenbriar at Whittingham

Greenbriar at Whittingham Pond RestorationThe Greenbriar at Whittingham Community is a 300-acre active adult community located in Monroe Township, New Jersey. Princeton Hydro has been managing the community’s seven ponds, totaling 8.5 acres, since 2005.

The pond management program consists of a variety of services including a water quality (WQ) monitoring program, weed and algae control programs, alum applications, aeration installations, and shoreline stabilization projects.

Princeton Hydro conducts site visits on a regularly scheduled basis beginning in April or May and continuing through September of each year. During each site visit, the ponds are observed for weed and algae growth, the surrounding watershed is assessed, and WQ samples are taken and data recorded; the appropriate weed and algae control measures are then implemented. Over the course of the weed and algae growing season, the WQ data is compiled and then analyzed to determine the necessity of additional or alternative pond management strategies.

Princeton Hydro has implemented alternative management approaches including an alum application program for the removal of excess nutrients in some of the ponds during the growing season and the installation of electric and solar powered submerged aeration systems. In addition, Princeton Hydro designed and implemented shoreline stabilization projects for two of the larger ponds by re-grading and stabilizing the shoreline, installing shoreline plantings, and providing maintenance plans to ensure long-term project success.

Through our science-based approach to improving pond water quality, we have helped our client keep their ponds looking their best while eliminating unnecessary treatments while our all-season management plan prevents run-away summer algae blooms to assure that the ponds are an asset to the community all year long.