Floodplain Management

Princeton Hydro specializes in flood planning, policy, analysis, design, and risk mitigation services. Our mitigation projects include non-structural and structural applications, including award-winning wetland and floodplain creation and restoration projects, infrastructure retrofit and upgrades, and property acquisition assistance. We have four Certified Floodplain Managers on staff with the knowledge and background to assess FEMA grant program eligibility, as well as complete successful grant applications with Benefit Cost Analyses for property acquisitions, structure elevation and infrastructure retrofits.

We provide assistance to municipalities in identifying and prioritizing flood mitigation projects and ensuring funding eligibility, developing conceptual and final designs, and managing projects from start to finish. Our firm has experience with FEMA all Hazard Mitigation Plans, specifically with detailed risk assessment and examination of flood risk mitigation. We also work with municipalities on admission and maintenance in the FEMA Community Rating System to provide discounts to flood policy holders. Our expert staff regularly makes public presentations on floodplain management and provides support through expert legal services.

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