Princeton Hydro’s geotechnical engineers have the essential skills and tools to design and perform comprehensive, cost-effective investigations to reveal subsurface constraints including anthropogenic deposits and naturally occurring geologic hazards. Our investigations have been provided in a full array of contexts, including foundation design and mitigation of unsuitable materials.

Our engineers specialize in the critical analysis and redesign of solutions presented to our clients by other engineers; we have saved multiple clients over a million dollars in implementation costs though forward-thinking design.

Our engineers are well versed in construction requirements, design, and methodology for numerous types of structures and have been involved in the assessment and repair of failing structures, the retrofit of existing structures to dissimilar uses, and the expansion of existing structures.

Our field services include the sampling and testing of concrete for cast-in-place and pre-cast construction in compliance with the latest ACI and ASTM standards, including technicians certified by ACI; monitoring and control of compacted fill materials utilizing nuclear compaction gages, sand cone tests, and electrical resistivity testing, foundation bearing certification, reinforcing steel inspection and certifications, and IBC 2006 special inspection requirements for structures related to foundations and earth materials.

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