Project Experience

Members of our team have decades of experience with all aspects of FEMA mitigation programs, including:

 • Meeting state and FEMA requirements to approve mitigation plans and updates
• How to maximize the usefulness of mitigation plans and risk assessments
• Helping communities understand their risks from natural hazards
• Developing and assessing mitigation options
• Establishing the groundwork for mitigation grant applications, including concept engineering
• Facilitating effective planning processes
• Ensuring a collaborative and inclusive planning process
• All aspects of benefit-cost analysis, a key to prioritizing efforts
• Ensuring that grant applications are competitive in the current funding environment

Brief Summary of Mitigation Planning, Risk Assessment and Public Outreach Projects

Below is an abbreviated summary of our team’s experience. The list is intended to represent our range of experience and qualifications, and includes a variety of activities related to mitigation planning and risk assessment. More extensive project descriptions are available on request.

• City of Lambertville, New Jersey, backflow prevention retrofit through FEMA FMA grant
• Risk assessments for seven New Jersey county mitigation plan updates
• State of New Jersey Mitigation Plan update, first version
• FEMA Coastal Outreach Advisory Team (Region II) projects and outreach for New Jersey FIRMs
• Statewide Emergency Management Trainer, New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
• City of Trenton, New Jersey Hazard Mitigation Plan
• Fort Bend County, Texas Hazard Mitigation Plan update
• Washington, D.C. 2012 All-Hazards Vulnerability Assessment
• State of Louisiana, Management of Pilot Planning Grant Program project scoping
• New York University Langone Medical Center flood mitigation benefit-cost analysis
• City of New York benefit-cost analysis of Hurricane Sandy hazard mitigation projects
• Risk assessment for the City of New Orleans 2011 Hazard Mitigation Plan update
• City of Texarkana, Texas Hazard Mitigation Plan
• University of Maryland (College Park) Hazard Mitigation Plan
• Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, Florida utility hardening mitigation project application
• Anne Arundel County, Maryland HMGP project application – generators
• Township of Pohatcong, New Jersey home voluntary buyouts
• Rockdale County, Georgia Hazard Mitigation Plan update