Princeton Hydro personnel have conducted diagnostic studies and/or restoration projects for over 300 lakes and watersheds throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Our success in lake management stems from the cumulative training and experience of our staff, and our ability to develop watershed management solutions that are both practical and effective. As a result, our projects have a high rate of success, both in terms of receiving Phase II funding and in improving water quality. Our projects regularly include a variety of stormwater management techniques, providing our staff with extensive knowledge of state and federal permitting requirements and procedures.

Princeton Hydro's aquatic projects encompass water quality assessments as well as the investigation of phytoplankton, zooplankton, periphyton, benthos, macrophyte, and fish communities. We maintain a full array of fish and benthic invertebrate sampling gear including boat and backpack electrofishing equipment, water quality meters, automated monitoring devices, and sediment sampling dredges.

As part of our services, we routinely design and install aeration systems, establish and implement weed control practices, and assist our clients in developing and launching community outreach programs.

Please see our Pond & Lake Management page for more information, and read about a few of our recently completed projects here