Princeton Hydro has designed and managed the construction of award-winning projects in a diversity of riparian and floodplain communities, including on urban and brownfield sites. Our designs are developed in a landscape ecology context to either enhance or complement existing ecosystem functions and services. Fulfilling our client’s objectives begins with concept designs that do not merely satisfy minimum regulatory requirements. Our philosophy is to establish or enhance each site in a manner consistent with the specific landscape position, cultural setting, and ecological elements to cost-effectively maximize the natural resource functions and social benefits.

Princeton Hydro’s fluvial geomorphologist utilizes field observations and quantitative data to distinguish rivers by form and process, accurately identify unseen river stressors, predict river behavior, and implement meaningful measures to restore river functions. Princeton Hydro recognizes the complexity of river restoration efforts by incorporating a range of disciplines in addition to fluvial geomorphology, including engineering, hydrology, hydraulics, geotechnics, geology, and ecology; we also have multiple fishery experts on staff, both fishery biologists and fishery engineers, and five Rosgen-trained staff members.

Read about a few of our recently river and stream restoration projects, like the streambank stabilization and wetland mitigation design we completed for The North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development Council.