Mowing to the water line, especially in ponds that have fluctuating water levels, can lead to severe shoreline erosion. Vegetated shorelines reduce erosion. Deep-rooted, native emergent aquatic vegetation is able to tolerate alternating periods of exposure and dry and inundation. A properly planted (aquascaped) edge absorbs wave and wake energy, thus protecting the shoreline from erosion.

Aquascaped shorelines provide excellent habitat for wading birds and fish, discourage access of Canada geese, filter and absorb pollutants transported by runoff, and enhance the shoreline's beauty without impeding views. 

Princeton Hydro’s team of aquatic ecologists, wetland scientists and landscape architects can design an appropriate aquascaping plan for your pond or lake. We use the correct combination of native aquatic plants, emergent wetland plants, and transitional upland plants to create multifunctional attractive shorelines capable of correcting even the most severe chronic shoreline erosion problems.

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