Bank Stabilization and Buffer Management

Shoreline Buffer

Mowing to the water line, especially where water levels fluctuate, can lead to severe shoreline erosion. Vegetated shorelines reduce erosion because their deep-rooted, native vegetation is able to tolerate alternating dry and inundated conditions and absorbs wave and wake energy. Shoreline buffers also provide excellent habitat for wading birds and fish and they can discourage the use of a pond by Canada geese, which can be a significant source of pollution.

Because the top soil has eroded and water level fluctuates, it can be challenging to cultivate along the water's edge. Princeton Hydro has been establishing shoreline buffers in difficult conditions for almost twenty years. Count on our staff of soil scientists, ecologists, and landscape designers to create a resilient, low-maintenace landscape for your pond, lake or stream. Shoreline restoration using biodegradable materials and native plants offers an effective, low-impact solution. Where erosion is extreme. our engineers have extensive experience preparing stabilization plans, completing geotechnical analyses, and modeling steep slopes.

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