Fishery and Benthic Survey


Fishery, shellfish, and benthic surveys are an important tool in aquatic habitat and water quality management, particularly in regard to determining the efficacy of biomanipulation and monitoring recreational fisheries. Surveys can identify changes in the community structure resulting from stocking practices and helped dictate future management practices.

We maintain the full array of sampling equipment needed to properly carry out fish, shellfish, and benthic surveys in any type of aquatic environment. Princeton Hydro maintains an in-house biological laboratory with all of the equipment needed to quickly and accurately identify and enumerate fish, phytoplankton, zooplankton, macroinvertebrate and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) samples, with all such work done in accordance with federal and state protocols. When needed, we have prepared federal and state agency approved quality assurance protection plans (QAPPs) to ensure the quality and consistency of our field efforts. Our scientists are especially skilled in the statistical analysis of biological data and the application of that data as part of environmental impact assessments. 

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