Floating Wetland Islands


A successful lake or pond restoration and management plan should include a combination of biological, mechanical and source control solutions. Floating Wetland Islands (FWIs) are a great example of an effective biological control solution. Highly adaptable, FWIs can be sized, configured and planted to fit the needs of nearly any lake, pond or reservoir. 



Floating Wetland Islands provide multiple ecological benefits:

  • Assimilate & remove excess nutrients that fuel algae growth
  • Provide habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms
  • Mitigate wave and wind erosion impacts
  • Enhance aesthetics

To get more info about Floating Wetland Islands: 

  • Read an article on Floating Wetland Islands as part of a holistic lake/pond management strategy written by our Director of Aquatic Programs Dr. 
  • Check out this case study from Floating Island International showcasing our work with
    Mermaid Pool, Somerset County,
    New Jersey, USA 
    Mermaid Pool in Somerset County, NJ. 

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Dr. Fred Lubnow, Director of Aquatic Programs at Princeton Hydro, places the plant Golden Alexander into small holes filled with dirt on a floating island made from recycled plastic, which will be placed in Lake Hopatcong’s Ashley Cove.