Lake & Watershed Management

Lake Management

Princeton Hydro is the industry leader in lake restoration and watershed management. We have conducted diagnostic studies and have developed management and restoration plans for over 300 lakes and watersheds throughout the country. This has included work for public and private recreational lakes, major water supply reservoir, and watershed management initiatives conducted as part of U.S. EPA and/or state funded programs.

Princeton Hydro’s success in watershed management stems from the cumulative training and experience of our staff, and our ability to develop watershed management solutions that are both practical and effective. As a result, our projects have a very high success rate in improving water quality. 

Our watershed restoration and management plans are result-oriented, and involve the implementation of stormwater management, septic management, soil erosion control, forestry management techniques and the implementation of urban and agricultural best management practices (BMPs) all designed to restore, protect and enhance ecosystem ecological services and functions.

We are especially well versed in the design of green infrastructure stormwater management techniques. This includes a variety of structural and non-structural stormwater management techniques, including created wetlands, bioretention, infiltration/recharge and innovative stormwater BMPs. The experience gained during these projects has also provided our staff with extensive knowledge of state and federal permitting requirements and procedures.

We invite you to read about some of our Lake and Pond Management projects and contact us to discuss how Princeton Hydro can help you.