Mechanical Removal

Princeton Hydro is thrilled to offer its clients the Truxor DM 5045, Truxor DM 5000 and Marsh Master, eco-friendly, multi-purpose amphibious machines. The size of a pickup truck, these machines are lightweight, producing very low ground pressure, highly maneuverable and efficient.

The Truxor and Marsh Master represent a mechanical, non-pesticide approach to control invasive weed and problematic algae growth. Their size and maneuverability enable them to work in ponds and lakes that can be accessed or are too shallow for the operation of conventional harvesting and hydroraking equipment. These machines can harvest weeds and mat algae from shallow near shore areas, and operate in wetland, marsh and riparian areas.

Our Truxors can be equipped with the following attachments:

  • Weed cutter equipped with a collection basket for dual purpose cutting and removal of weeds
  • Standard rake with strainer plates for removal of floating debris, cut vegetation, and mat algae
  • Spring rake for collecting and removing vegetation and debris from along shorelines and outfall structures
  • High tipping rake bucket for the collection and removal of leaf litter and woody debris
  • Grip bucket for removing sediment, leaf litter and woody debris
  • Small excavator for clearing sediment and enlarging channels and ponds
  • Suction dredger for removing accumulated sediments
  • Cultivator for milling Phragmites rhizome mats and pre-planting areas
Check out before and after pictures from our Truxor spadderdock removal project at Strawbridge Lake.

Read more about the Truxor and see videos of it in action. Get more info on the Marsh MasterContact us to find out if this type of equipment is right for your project. 

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